How can GooHoo create a platform that offers products as a service to consumers and further develop this platform into product as a service, as a B2B service?

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Who is involved?

Users:                  Consumers who buy/use products.
Users:                  Consumers who sell/return products to us.
Companies:         Who sell products to us, which we sell/lease to customers and/or;
Companies:          Who sell/lease products on our platform directly to customers
Stakeholders:      Users, Businesses, Government to reach their CO2 targets GooHoo:               The founding company, with knowledge of C2B2C E-commerce. 



What is the problem and what have you done about it?

Many products that are manufactured destroyed after its first use by a consumer. We as GooHoo have tackle this problem by creating a second use loop for consumer electronic products. GooHo resells thousands of second hand products every months, extending the use of these products.

Where is the problem happening?

Everywhere in the world where: Consumers throw products away / Companies create products that are not designed for reuse or recycling / Companies don’t facilitate the returns of materials from customers back to companies or other customers / Companies want to start with circular business models but don’t have the resources to do so / Companies that get product returns that they cannot sell anymore (but can lease/sell through our platform!)

When is this a problem?

Everytime a product is manufactured and sold without any strategy get that product back after its end-of-life.

Why are we trying to overcome the problem?

We are here because we believe that we can kickstart the transition to a circular economy with our knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset. We already have a lot of experience with used products and with e-commerce. We have the motivation to make the world a better place.

How do you want it to work?

We want to create an e-commerce platform where we sell/lease used products or products with a circular production process. We also want to give manufactures or other businesses the possibility to try and learn to work with circular business concepts without starting all by themselves. So we will sell/lease products that we own, and owned by these other businesses. Parly new, partly secondhand. We want to form a strategy and more detailed businessplan to enter and develop this market. We want to focus on the ease for customers and the ease for businesses that want to start with circular business concepts. We believe we can deliver products with a better and more complete service than customers are used to when they buy new products.

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