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3D printing food

Food Ink. is a specially designed, one of a kind 3D food printing popup restaurant. The 3D-pop-up was hosted by byFlow in collaboration with Food Ink and 3D Samba. The first stop on a worldwide tour for Food Ink. was in Venlo, Netherlands at the 3D Food Printing Conference. A select few guests had the opportunity to sample the latest creations in printed food through a five course tasting menu. To print food, edible ingredients must first be made into a paste. This is then put into a syringe-like container (called an extruder) which is plugged into the printer – a bit like the ink cartridge in your printer at home. The Food Ink. travelling restaurant will soon be bringing the byFlow printer to cities around the world including London, Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin, Singapore and beyond.

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