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Transforming food and animal waste into clean energy and organic fertilizer

Homebiogas develops advanced, efficient, and user-friendly household biogas system on the market. Their product fits perfectly in any backyard, converting household food scraps and animal manure into 2 hours clean cooking gas and liquid fertilizer daily.


The Problem

HomeBiogas tackles one of the world's current big challenges: reducing climate changing emissions. By using waste (food, animal and human), Home Biogas is providing clean cooking gas to the world, including the more than 3 billion people who are exposed to life-threatening toxic air pollutants on a daily basis. 

The Solution

Our solution is a system that uses food and animal waste to create clean cooking gas and nutrient-rich fertilizer via an anaerobic reaction that takes place in a biodigester. HomeBiogas is helping thousands of people in markets around the world create their own affordable and clean cooking energy.  It allows individuals to create an ecological cycle in their homes by cutting out the need to rely on fossil fuels and biomass.

The Results

While they are still fairly new and growing, HomeBiogas has sold thousands of systems in over 92 countries. Their projections for 2025 include reaching 1 million people, averting 2.4 million tons carbon emissions and saving 1750 hectares of forest. 

Current Needs

At the present, they are looking for help in spreading the word about the next generation of their product that is launching through their Kickstarter campaign on November 5th. 

They are also interested in getting in touch with other like-minded organizations or potentials partners they could work with in new or developing markets.