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Recycling metals from waste ash

Inashco was founded in the Netherlands in 2008 to offer a unique patented technology developed by the Technical University of Delft for recovering and up-grading fine non-ferrous metals from municipal waste-to-energy ash for sale to global metal markets. A breakthrough Advanced Dry Recovery (ADR) technology was developed to separate the sticky, wet mineral fraction from the coarser ash fraction containing the valuable fine metal particles. This fraction can now be processed by conventional eddy current separators to liberate non-ferrous metals from the mineral aggregates. Today Inashco operates over twenty ash treatment facilities globally treating over 4 million tons of Waste to Energy ash per year. Further product upgrading is performed in the Netherlands by Inashco’s proprietary upgrading systems to ultimately create metal blends that maximize the value of recovered heavy and light non-ferrous products.

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