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Remanufacturing of medical equipment

Philips Healthcare's Diamond Select programme offers a range of remanufactured equipment to the healthcare sector. Three remanufacturing plants are now operational with one of these is located in Best, the Netherlands. This site refurbishes X-Ray, MR and CT equipment with the other two are located in the USA. Remanufactured systems offer many advantages. They are sold at 60 to 85% of the price with quality assurance and guarantees meeting those of new products. This enables healthcare operators to improve, diversify and differentiate their services cost-effectively in competitive markets. For Philips, remanufacturing opens new sales and lease markets and an opportunity to save up to half of the costs on the upgrade bill of materials. Remanufacturing also grants environmental benefits linked to resource-efficiency, as up to 80% of materials are reused in the process