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Joint industry collaboration for education digital platform

Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have signed an agreement to create EDX, a non-profit organization that aims to offer free online courses, adapted from traditional courses, to anyone with an Internet connection. Each of institution has invested $30 million in the project, for which they will launch five courses this autumn. They are using the same platform recently developed by MIT for its project MITX, which has already offered the course Circuits and Electronics, in which 120,000 people have enrolled, 10,000 of which have completed the mid-term exam. Those who pass the course receive a certificate, but do not receive any official credit. In addition to offering engineering courses, in which electronic grading is relatively easy, EDX will offer courses in humanities, in which students’ work may be graded through crowdsourcing or evaluated by natural language software. Projects like this can have a major impact on societies around the world, for example, on billions of future students in China and India.

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