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TIIP - Investing in the New Industrial (R)evolution

In this report written by William Burckart (TIIP) and Jamie Butterworth (Circularity Capital), they examine the opportunities, challenges, and breakthroughs needed for investors to be able to finance the circular economy. The report provides insights for asset owners and managers financing the circular economy, details examples of a diverse set of investors and corporations that are beginning to incorporate global issues related to the health, food, and energy systems, as well as others, into their investment and production design processes, respectively. The report also includes essays by practitioners that are helping to bridge the divide between financial markets and the circular economy, including Adam Bendell and Lisa and Charly Kleissner (Toniic), Stephen Freedman (UBS), Frido Kraanen (PGGM), and Anna Snider (BoA ML).

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