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Sensors for cup collection

By harnessing the power of digitisation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IOT), Globelet Cities works by having smart chips equipped with RFID tagging on reusable cups, bottles and containers across the city. These can then be scanned and connected to the Globelet network so that the company can track them down to wash, dry and distribute back into the market rather than having it go to landfill. Globelet cities works by providing cafes with free RFID chips. The customer just has to subscribe, and than throw their product in a regular bin or return it to a participating retailer. Retailers subscribe to the service, and Globelet does all the work of recycling and reusing. The combination of RFID and IoT technology allows Globelet to track individual cups and reward their users for being in the system. Globelet city technology will be piloted in 2018 before being rolled out worldwide.