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Joint venture for chair collection and remanufacturing

Premier Sustain has teamed up with a leading furniture manufacturer to produce the UK’s first truly ‘circular’ office chair. The Orangebox Premier collaboration enables end-of-life G64 chairs that are near or passed their warranty to be returned to Orangebox where they are collected by Premier for remanufacturing. All remanufactured G64R office chairs come with a full manufacturer approved warranty comparable to that of a new G64 and are available to purchase through Premier Sustain.  Designed to comply with British Standard 8887-220 (design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing), the chairs are crucially Orangebox approved and use the manufacturer’s replacement parts.

  • Emissions impact: 32kg of CO2 (e), a 60% reduction
  • Material impact: 98% of parts are kept for reuse or reprocessing into new parts
  • Water impact: 75% reduction in water consumption 
  • Emissions
  • Water
  • Material