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Most sustainable jeans

G-Star created sustainable jeans that achieved the first ever overall GOLD Certification for denim fabric in the world, made with 100% organic cotton without hazardous chemicals. The jeans replace zippers with eco-finished buttons and removed rivets from the design to make 98 of every garment recyclable. G-Star collaborated with YKK to create eco-finished metal buttons that require no electroplating baths during production, eliminating acid and toxic chemicals. G-Star collaborated with DyStar and Artistic Milliners to create the cleanest indigo dyeing technology in the world with less chemicals. To reduce energy consumption, each pair of jeans we make is dried naturally in the Saitex factory, where 98% of the water is also recycled and re-used.

  • 75% less water per garment
  • 70% less chemicals
  • 85% energy savings