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Workwear made circular

Schijvens Corporate Fashion from Hilvarenbeek has been designing and manufacturing corporate clothing since 1863. . Schijvens Corporate Fashion has an portfolio of customers such as A.S. Watson, Blokker Holding, Hema, Intratuin, P&G, Sligro Holding, Makro, Intergamma, Fabory, Praxis and Qatar Airlines. Schijvens produces circular corporate workwear. Schijvens collects old clothing from its customers and uses it as raw material for its circular yarn. In this yarn, it processes 30% post-consumer textiles, 20% cutting waste and 50% recycled PET polyester from PET bottles, fishing nets and polyester clothing. In its latest collaboration with Stayokay, Schijvens has entered into a partnership with two leading brands that, like Schijvens, pursue sustainability: MUDjeans and REMOkey.