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Shared actions for a cleaner denim industry

The Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) is an initiative from Made-By, Circle Economy and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Bringing Denim Brands together shared steps are taken to improve the environmental impact of denim production.To tackle the complex sustainability issues pervading in the industry, ARD takes a specific & action-oriented approach. Their working groups focus on areas highlighted by our member brands. Starting with brands’ never out of stock styles, the goal was to make the largest impact in the shortest amount of time concentrating particularly on: - Finishing, led by Made-By, focuses on improving the environmental impact of garment finishing. Having developed a measurement tool drawing on existing Wet Processing Benchmarks brands are guided by laundary experts in diagnosing their conventional washes. Gaining valuable advice & knowledge to lower their EIM scores - PCRD, led by Circle Economy, focuses on developing a preferred industry buying standard, defining a business model and roadmap for the introduction and scaling up of Post-Consumer-Recycled-Denim (PCRD) production. Our hope is that the establishment of a preferred buying standard can increase volume of PCRD and further its adoption in the industry.