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A collaborative approach to develop circular fashion

The Circular Fibers Initiatives brings together key industry stakeholders to build a circular economy for textiles, starting with fashion. Launched in May 2017 at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit as the Circular Fibres Initiative, this initiative brings together leaders from across the fashion industry, including brands, cities, philanthropists, NGOs, and innovators. Its aim is to stimulate the level of collaboration and innovation necessary to create a new textiles economy, aligned with the principles of the circular economy. One year later, at the 2018 Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the Circular Fibres Initiative enters its second phase: Make Fashion Circular. To thrive, and not just survive, the fashion industry needs to radically redesign its operating model. By transitioning to a circular system, where we keep safe materials in use, the industry can unlock an enormous economic opportunity. To really Make Fashion Circular, businesses, governments, innovators, and citizens need to join forces. Make Fashion Circular brings together industry leaders including Burberry, Gap Inc., H&M, HSBC, NIKE Inc., and Stella McCartney as Core Partners. Make Fashion Circular has been made possible by C&A Foundation and Walmart Foundation.