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Regenerated cotton and wood scraps

Lenzing produces wood-based viscose fibers, modal fibers, lyocell fibers and filament yarn, which are used in the textile industry - in clothing, home textiles and technical textiles - as well as in the nonwovens industry. Lenzing's TENCEL® generation Refibra™ stands for "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" and is a new kind of fiber is made of recycled materials, promising reduced reliance on natural raw materials. Refibra is a Lenzing fiber made from post industrial cotton scraps and wood. It is the first cellulose fiber featuring recycled material to be offered on a commercial scale. The fiber, which is made in the Tencel production process, marks a milestone for Tencel and builds on Lenzing’s reputation for leading environmentally friendly fiber technology. To assure customers that their textiles are really made from Refibra, Lenzing has developed an identification system, which can verify that Refibra was used in the finished textile. This guarantees transparency in the overall processing chain.