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R&D of new materials made of pre- and post- consumer waste funded by the EU

Trash-2-Cash is an EU funded research project aiming to create new regenerated fibers from pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. It’s also pioneering a whole new way of developing materials. Designers, design researchers, scientists, raw material suppliers and product manufacturers from across Europe make up a cross-disciplinary consortium representing the whole product supply chain. Eighteen partners, from ten countries, are working together to address the challenge of designing high quality industrial materials from waste. This is a three-and-a-half-year project. - The first phase is cross-sectoral, with the whole group designing a wish list of fibre properties, then describing a vision for how the novel recycled materials will be used. - In the second phase, material scientists produce samples of the new recycled cellulosic and polyester materials, and designers and industry produce product prototypes, based on consumer insights. - In the final phase, academics reflect on the new collaborative Design Driven Material Innovation (DDMI) methodology, drawing upon their observations from the entire project.