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Apartments made from disused shipping containers

Danish firm Arkitema recently unveiled its new “Beat Box” concept in partnership with Container Living. Comprising 30 apartments in 48 recycled shipping containers sitting on a steel frame above a concrete base that will house storefronts, it’s a deliberate effort to revitalize the Musicon (named in part for its proximity to Roskilde’s annual music festival) neighborhood of Roskilde, Denmark. Each container occupies 30 square meters, and two-container apartments are set to make up most of the site. Arkitema describes Beat Box as “flexible, fast, and environmentally and economically viable,” capable of fitting the needs of both an evolving clientele and other urban design factors. With so many of these “housing units” waiting to be converted for use, it’s probably a given that the volume of such Beat Boxes will increase in the years to come.