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Upskilling employees

The integration of Renewi and the delivery of the synergy programme constitutes a significant change programme through which we wish to lead our people with confidence, great communication and empathy for the discomfort that can come with change. We have launched a change programme called the iRenew Network which delivers change management training to all leaders in impacted areas and which creates a network of leaders and ‘ambassadors’ to ensure that we are listening to the concerns of people impacted by change and are addressing those concerns effectively. An important part of this has been to provide our people with the necessary skills, training and support. We have done this using a range of tools and processes. One of the most important has been the “iRenew Network”. iRenew was launched in March 2018 and although still in its infancy, it has ambitious plans to upskill Renewi leaders with comprehensive change management capability which will be an integral part of how we lead our people.