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Resource efficient design to reduce water consumption for jeans production

Levi’s launched a Water<Less™ line of jeans in 2011, designed to reduce the use of water. The Water<Less™ process approaches the decisions made in the design process in a different way, reducing the amount of water used in the finishing process. By simply removing water from stone washes or combining multiple wet cycle processes, Levi's can significantly reduce water usage — up to 96 percent for some styles. Since launching the Water<Less™ process in 2011, the company has saved more than 1 billion litres of water in the manufacturing of LS&Co. products, including 30 million litres of fresh water saved through reuse and recycling. By 2020, the Levi’s brand aims to make 80 percent of its products using Water<Less™ techniques, up from nearly 25 percent today.

  • Water impact: 1 billion litres of water since 2011