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Antwerp, circular city of tomorrow

The research project 'Antwerp, the circular city of tomorrow' aims to generate new insights at the crossroads of urbanism, circular economy and spatial tasks in Antwerp. On the one hand, the trajectory must feed the update of the strategic spatial structure plan Antwerp (abbreviated s-RSA) and enable the policy to strategically and operationally set the right accents in interaction with everyone who wants to be involved: companies, citizens and organizations. On the other hand, Antwerp can be a test case to investigate how to close cycles on a larger, urban-regional scale and evolve towards sustainable, circular cities. The first research project 'Metabolism of Antwerp, city of streams' deals with the question of how, among other things, goods, biomass, waste, energy, people, air and data move in and around the city of Antwerp. How do these flows influence the quality of life and what physical, direct and indirect relationships exist in spatial terms? Where are the most opportunities? How can this be made transparent and usable and give direction to policy and social stakeholders? The analysis, understanding and learning use of the concept 'metabolism of the city', its structure, the ecosystem in the broad sense and the shortcomings and strengths of it, provides concrete leads for a more resilient city. A second research assignment, which will fit within the partnership and the design research platform 'LABO SPACE', builds on the results of the first assignment and investigates the concrete potential for spatial transitions from this metabolic approach for the Antwerp city region: closing or better tuning and cross-linking of cycles, the better and more sustainable functioning of the metabolism of the city region. Through design research, in an open dialogue with partners and stakeholders and averse to sectoral and administrative boundaries, possible transitions in the longer term are explored.