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Circular South

This project aims to make residents of the New South district aware and inspired by cicular behavior. They are invited to participate in competitions for the return of deposit bottles, are challenged to live 100 days without producing waste and are encouraged to compost together in the neighborhood. The project is coordinated and given shape by the residents that look for new technologies that can help them to deal more sustainably with materials, energy and water. Through online applications, residents receive support and are challenged to use energy, water and materials in a smart way. They can view online their energy and water consumption and how they use the sorting streets. The city also co-invests with the Kringwinkel in a Community building. In addition to a meeting place, all kinds of services are offered here that deal with repair and reuse, so residents can borrow tools and repair devices. Many of these activities will be open to all residents of the city who want to contribute to the circular economy. The city of Antwerp works together with various partners to realize these ambitions for Circular South. In addition, this project also receives European support through the Urban Innovative Actions fund.