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Barcelona + Sustainable map

Barcelona + Sustainable map is a tool for community revitalization, a project shared between government, businesses and third sector organizations. It was conceptualized by the Catalan Society for Environmental Education (SCEA), the Centre for Research and Information on Consumption (CRIC) and the municipal center of The Sun Factory (LFdS). It is a participatory project that aims to promote the sustainability of the city and to strengthen and streamline the public network in Barcelona. Agents include: (1) Coordinators - environmental and social agents that facilitate the collaborative mapping of a region or a sector through the organization of training sessions, the identification of key stakeholders of the territory and the search for resources; (2) Territorial Facilitators that support collaborative mapping; (3) Citizens - people who participate in collaborative mapping, providing new points of interest and (4) Experts - people or institutions of reference that extend and validate the information on points of interest that have been proposed for mapping.