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Barcelona Zero Waste Strategy

The City Council is committed to continue promoting policies focused on reducing the generation of municipal waste and promoting selective collection, prevention, recovery and reuse of resources and materials. The City Council has the following objectives: (1) advancing towards a circular economy that, from the local level, innovates to prolong the life cycle of materials and promotes new production systems; (2) promoting and achieving a new culture of consumption with low waste habits; (3) Increasing the levels of selective collection and recovery and reuse of resources, quantifying the commitments; (4) Implementing a model and systems of product management that favor the reduction and prevention of waste; (5) Improving information and communication on waste disposal, costs, benefits and socio-environmental impacts; (6) Enhancing the links between all the social and economic agents of the city to spread a favorable conscience to the new culture of consumption; (7) Achieving a socio-political consensus to guarantee the application and continuity of the new management models.