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Local Waste Management Plan 2011-2020

The main objective of the local waste management plan is to minimise waste impact on the environment and to increase the efficiency of resources use, for instance, by establishing a waste management system that includes control of waste generation and use and incentives for investment. The long-term objective of the local waste management plan is to establish a system of non-hazardous waste management that provides the lowest risks and dangers to the environment and conditions for preventing waste generation and ensuring re-use and waste recycling, as well as raising awareness of waste management. The Plan seeks to (1) expand and strengthen administrative capacities in the field of waste management; (2) improve the waste collection system and enlarge the total scope of municipal waste collection to 100% by 2019; (3) establish the system of selective collection, re-use and recycling of waste; (4) build a Waste Management Centre, while also closing and remediating existing dumpsites; and (5) build an animal waste treatment facility. The Plan seeks to (1) build a municipal waste treatment facility, which includes a feasibility study on mechanical-biological treatment and the construction of a cogeneration facility that uses fuel from waste; (2) build a green waste composting facility, which includes a feasibility study and technical documentation; (3) build a construction waste recycling facility, and (4) build a facility for fuel gas production from biomass. The plan includes raising awareness about proper waste handling, separate collection of hazardous waste and home composting in single-family households. Introduction of billing per member of household, by applying the principle of full compensation for costs.