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Brussels Regional Program for a Circular Economy 2016-2020 (BRPCE)

The Brussels Regional Program for a Circular Economy (BRPCE) has three general objectives: (1) to transform environmental objectives into economic opportunities; (2) to relocate the economy to Brussels in order to produce locally whenever possible, reduce travel, optimise land use and create added value for Brussels inhabitants; and (3) to help create employment. It is an integrated strategy involving 111 measures aimed at delivering circular patterns at the city level. Moreover, it is a bottom-up initiative involving several public and private stakeholders through an innovative co-creation process, along with 3 regional ministries, 15 public administrations, regional advisory committees and almost 60 stakeholders between NGO's and private businesses. It includes: (1) Research study Brussels Circular Economy Transition financed by Innoviris to analyse economic and environmental potential of the waste streams for a transition towards a circular materials management; (2) A platform created to identify, prioritise and resolve technical and administrative barriers that block the transition to a circular economy; (3) call for projects "Be Circular" to guide and support companies towards the development of circular business models; and (4) the initiative "Village Finance" that provides grants for sustainable entrepreneurship.