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Good Food Brussels

'Good Food Brussels' is a platform and a process launched by the Brussels-Capital Region, with the aim to increase local food production and reduce waste. It focuses on the entire food chain, from production to disposal, and is supported by multiple government institutions and social groups. One of 'Good Food Brussels’ primary objectives is to increase awareness about what is already there and connect existing initiatives through an online platform, increasing their visibility and inspiring others to take part. Future activities will focus on encouraging local food production and minimising food waste by working with individual consumers but also restaurants, supermarkets or food distributors. Brussels Environment, the region’s environmental agency and project coordinator, has commissioned a study that identifed some ways to reach a target of 30% of food consumed that is locally produced by 2035. The food topic is specifically addressed by the GoodFood strategy for a more sustainable system of food consumption and production. By rethinking the food chain, the GoodFood strategy (also called ‘GoodFood Brussels’) aims to reduce waste and increase the amount of food grown locally.