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Budapest Environmental Program 2017-21

The goal of Budapest Environmental Programme (2017-2021) is to protect, to improve the environmental state of Budapest, and to help in making well-founded city developments by: (1) describing the connection to national political strategies; (2) summarizing city strategies, programmes and development concepts; (3) including a state evaluation based on the 2015 environmental state evaluation document; (4) defining the overall and thematic goals of environmental protection; (5) introducing the tools of regulation, monitoring and execution methodology of the city environmental programme; (6) estimating funds needed to accomplish planned initiatives and (7) calculating the cost of regulation and monitoring. In order to meet the targets, set in BEP three horizontal and five thematic objectives are defined: each thematic objective is followed by measures, detailed tasks, financial needs and schedules. Horizontal objectives include: (1) strengthening environmental awareness; (2) applying eco-friendly design and planning methods and (3) decreasing local GHG emission, implementing better adaptation measures and improving climate-consciousness. Thematic objectives include: (1) conserving nature and landscape heritage (values), green infrastructure regeneration and development; (2) rehabilitating under-utilised areas; (3) having efficient waste management – in line with waste management principles, improved public space cleaning services; and (4) ensuring flood protection, modern rainwater and waste water treatment, protection of our drinking water base and water saving.