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Call for Proposals: Environmental Protection Fund 2018

The Budapest General Assembly created the Environmental Fund of the Municipality of Budapest with a decree in 1996. Its purpose is to help effectively the Municipality of Budapest performing environmental tasks as defined by law, specially to improve the environmental status of the capital. Within this, a high priority is to accomplish targets and action plans of the Environmental Fund by NGOs, condominiums, institutions, and also by citizens, which are approved by Budapest General Assembly. It is possible to win non-refundable aid from the Environmental Fund by competition. The aid is pre-funded and its intensity is max of 75%. The focus areas are reducing solid waste and improving air quality, the reduction of waste and, in particular, the massive use of plastic products for festive and promotional events (balloon, lampwork); increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of selective waste collection, adequate awareness of the harmful effects of residential waste incineration; strengthening the conscious and adequate water management approach; maintaining rainwater: self-contained rainwater retention and utilization inside the property; the creation, renewal, proper care of the green spaces in Budapest, the increase of biological activity, especially in areas badly equipped with green areas, creating a new green facade and green roof;proper composting of avar and garden green waste; garden-friendly garden, bird-friendly garden, insect facility; organizing and conducting programs for increasing civil and voluntary activity in the local protected natural areas of Budapest, creating and maintaining educational paths. A total of 61 979 thousand forints are available for the topics of the application.