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Greenhouse gas inventories as a decision making tool

Aiming to develop an effective strategy to address climate change mitigation solutions, Fortaleza used its first GHG Emissions Inventory to complement existing studies for improvements in strategic sectors such as transport, which were later embedded in the city’s Climate Action Plan. Under the Urban-LEDS project, the model city of Fortaleza took charge of its low emission development using the GreenClimateCities (GCC) methodology to Analyze, Act and Accelerate local climate action. The GCC enabled the City to: mobilize key stakeholders across municipal departments; develop a greenhouse gas inventory; integrate its results with other technical studies; and ultimately embed the results into the City’s political agenda for strategic sectoral action. The result of Fortaleza’s methodological Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable (MRV) approach can be observed in the Plan of Urgent Actions for Traffic and Urban Mobility (PAITT) and the municipal Climate Action Plan. This integrated approach and use of technical tools for evidence-based decision making is an outcome which the City seeks to replicate over the next months for other sectors such as waste and buildings.