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LIFE RE-WEEE - Development and demonstration of WEEE prevention and reuse paradigms

The ReWeee Project aims to prevent the creation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). In order to achieve this objective, two WEEE sorting centers (SCs) will operate for the first time in Greece, in the wider region of Attika and Central Macedonia correspondingly. The core activity of those centers is the collection, the storage and the sorting of WEEE depending on their condition and then their preparation for reuse or treatment. The project also seeks to (1) establish integrated reuse activities for WEEE management, through demonstrative operations in two WEEE sorting centres; (2) develop specifications and technical requirements based on Best Available Techniques (BATs) for the entire ‘preparation for reuse’ cycle, to be adopted by the relevant regulatory body in Greece (HRA) and to ensure the quality of UEEE; (3) Prepare recommendations for policy measures at all relevant levels; (4) Develop reliable tools at the EU level for the accurate measurement of WEEE reuse and preparation for reuse, to facilitate relevant discussions for target setting; (5) Assess the level of WEEE reuse in Greece, before and after the project intervention, using these tools; (6) Investigate and improve public attitudes towards WEEE prevention (donation and repair) and reuse (i.e. acceptance of second hand markets); (7) Promote WEEE prevention culture in Greece; and (8) Monitor and highlight the link between environmental, economic and social benefits associated with WEEE reuse and preparation for reuse.