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Helsinki City Strategy 2017-21: land policy guideline project

The strategy has 3 main themes: (1) The most functional city in the world; (2) securing sustainable growth as the most essential task of the city; (3) Developing services; (4) Responsible Management of Finances as the Foundation of a Prosperous City and (5) Helsinki Strengthening and Diversifying its Promotion of Interests. The idea of the land policy analysis is to set the framework for the City’s land policy and the goals and most important guidelines for the City’s plot provision and other land policy measures. The land policy outline should be clear and flexible, and it shall realise the goals of the latest City Strategy. Themes that can be drawn from the City Strategy and that influence the land policy outline include: (1) The City’s investments are financed with incomes, and land use and traffic investment are planned together; (2) The City acts transparently, fast and flexibly; (3) The City as a trial platform (innovation and development projects); and (4) Prevention of segregation, housing production volume, moderating the rise in construction and housing prices and other housing policy goals; (5) Secure of variedness and vitality of city districts, upgrading residential intensification; (6) Guarantee of energy- and eco-efficiency; (7) Promotion of quality in architecture and construction and (8) Provision of varied and sufficient location alternatives for businesses.