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Force project: Plastic Waste

The FORCE project aims to minimise the leakage of materials from the linear economy and work towards a circular economy. The four cities involved in the project, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lisbon and Genoa engage enterprises, citizens and academia in 16 participatory value chain based partnerships to create and develop eco-innovative solutions. Each city establishes a lead partnership for one of the four materials: plastic waste, strategic metals from electronic and electric equipment, surplus food and biowaste, and wood waste. Each city also establishes three local partnerships for the other materials. The City of Copenhagen is going to establish at least three different collection schemes for households and assess its effectiveness and participation of citizens. The partnership aims to show that flexible plastic waste from households (post-consumer) and other sources (e.g. retail and other businesses) can be collected and processed into a marketable resource by testing and demonstrating at least 10 innovative applications. The City of Hamburg aims to produce cleaner plastic waste streams in order to achieve considerably higher market values and usage. Hamburg is going to establish a separate collection of plastic films at five recycling stations. The City of Lisbon wants to promote a “Call for Artists” in order to encourage the artistic creation of urban art pieces built with plastic waste. This initiative can raise awareness and stimulate the recycling of plastic materials by citizens.