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Industrial Platform Vallee de la Chimie

In 2014, through an initiative called ‘Appel des 30’, Lyon Métropole launched a public-private partnership, with 30 companies including building owners, research and development centres, regulatory and technical experts, as well as financial partners to spark development in the valley. As part of this initiative, the city launched a call for projects in 2014, and then in 2016, inviting innovative industrial project developers in the chemical, energy and environmental sectors to develop activities in the unused property in the valley. In 2016, the second edition of the call focused on six pillars for major development, including one on ‘productive landscape’. This pillar aims to test different processes to clean up contaminated soil, produce biomass and create fertile ground. Transforming infertile and contaminated soil considered as waste into a valuable product to develop green cities is part of Lyon Métropole’s circular economy strategy.