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Strategy for Waste prevention and management 2018-2022

The Strategy for Waste Prevention and Management is the tool for the transformation of waste management in the city of Madrid with the aim of minimizing the production of waste and better managing waste, treating it as a resource. The Strategy has a budget up to 2022 of 1.554 million euros. This program establishes selective collection of organic waste for 100% of citizens; promotes agrocomposting; introduces more fractions for selective collection and moves towards the reuse of objects to have a second life. In order to inform and stimulate the social transition towards a circular economy and zero waste, the Agency for the Prevention of Waste and Circular Economy is created, reinforcing the measures for the prevention and reuse of waste. A waste information platform in Madrid will be established to compile, analyze and transfer relevant information and concrete data on waste generation, prevention activities, management and treatment systems and their costs to the public. This initiative will be accompanied by a communication campaign (e.g. specific campaigns in collaboration with economic sectors looking to prevent food waste). The Waste Plan includes an important transformation of the Valdemingómez Technology Center that improves the rates of recovery of materials, the treatment of 100% of the waste, the elimination of incineration, and a better use of resources recovered as biogas.