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Manchester Climate Change Implementation Plan

The Manchester Climate Change Implementation Plan seeks to: (1) Establish a business support programme(s) to assist businesses to improve their energy and resource efficiency, and build their resilience to a changing climate; (2) Build capacity and leadership in communities to foster the delivery of community-led activities that deliver positive climate change outcomes and improve local quality of life; (3) Investigate options and feasibility for developing new and expanding existing Council initiatives to incentivise and enable domestic retrofit (e.g. energy efficiency linked Council tax bandings, expansion of the HELP loan for energy efficiency improvements, etc.) (4) Identify and secure funding opportunities to invest in energy efficiency programmes, particularly focusing on fuel poverty challenges for the city’s residents; (5) Provide guidance to home owners on reducing waste and improving resource efficiency; (6) Undertake research to investigate the feasibility of Manchester becoming a zero waste city by 2050 and the development of a delivery plan; and (7) Provide support to help Manchester businesses to develop and supply the goods and services needed to create a zero carbon, zero waste, climate resilient city; such as the Circular Economy Club (CEC) Manchester launched by the Waste to Resource Innovation Network of Manchester Metropolitan University. CEC provides business and industry with a cross-collaborative multi-sectorial approach to drive forward a zero waste circular economy.