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Paris Circular Economy Roadmap

The Paris Circular Economy Roadmap has the sharing premises of spatial optimization and solutions for the costly rent and property pressures in Paris. This process requires identifying existing resources and helping the emergence of supply through: (1) Structuring a project by creating working group with the City of Paris, social landlords and funders in order to construct a global support programme for investment and operation (toolbox with tenancy or occupancy agreement templates); (2) Making an inventory of supply and demand; (3) Expanding the scope of the search tool http://locaux-bureaux. which is administered by the City of Paris and its public landlords; (4) Assisting the emergence of supply via a communication campaign covering Greater Paris in order to find owners who are unaware of the potential of their premises and interest them in the sharing scheme with a win-win approach; (5) Helping potential beneficiaries (circular economy/social and solidarity economy actors) “sell” their projects better by organising networking workshops to link up supply and demand; and (6) Promoting interim use of premises (schemes such as Grands Voisins, Serpollet). The Roadmap also includes the establishment of "Les Canaux" to provide solutions and be a showcase and a forum for exchange, pool and share of experiences.