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Roadmap Circular Economy

The Roadmap focuses on (1) Urban development with new housing and infrastructure built from local recycled products and through adopting modular and self-sustaining models; (2) Cleantech/ sharing economy that may create more space on the streets and, therefore, increase quality of life; (3) Food sector with a focus on reducing food waste and using nutrients from food waste as proteins, fats, fertilizer, or inputs for the chemical sectors; and (4) Waste/cleantech sector with the use of source separation and advanced sorting techniques for households' plastic waste. The roadmap counts on three leading principles: (1) Embed - incorporate circular thinking at political, municipal and societal level; (2) Act - execute projects, programs and attract funding schemes to enable circular initiatives/ businesses and (3) Inspire - provide PR and marketing through the spread of CE thinking through knowledge sharing and creation. Rotterdam supports strategic development and provide organizational and financial support in the development of CE. There is a strategic alliance between Rotterdam and Erasmus Medical Center aimed at promoting circular thinking and sharing of practical knowledge. Big city development projects are incubators for smaller scale circular business models; buildings are constructed such as to allow for multiple functions; urban development projects maximize the use of recyclates during construction and make use of local labor.