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The Near-Zero European Waste Innovation Network

The Near—Zero European Waste Innovation Network (NEW_InnoNet)’s main goal is to mobilise stakeholders towards joint efforts aimed at implementing circular economy approaches and thus develop and reinforce solid foundations for building the European Near-Zero Waste Platform. Thus NewInnoNet plays a role of: (1) Facilitator for improving cooperation and participatory approach within or along different value chains and among stakeholders which can lead to more benefits for each value chain player, resulting in a quicker implementation of more efficient use of raw materials and to waste reduction; and (2) Coordinator for pooling of resources and defining common vision, defining global objectives and strategies requited by the complex nature of the waste management challenge to boost Eco-innovation. New-InnoNet is the new stakeholder platform initiative by 12 European consortium members active as entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers. This project includes various waste value chains which enable exchange of information and technology transfer from one chain to another. In addition, the consortium’s network includes over 2000 relevant industrial stakeholders and several already expressed their interest in this new stakeholder platform, its goals and actions. During the project, key stakeholders will be mobilised to participate in the platform and road mapping workshops, as only an active involvement of industrial organisations will lead to the desired changes in the structure of the value chain. The many letters of support show the consortium's strength in mobilising stakeholders.