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Almanac (Smartcities): Reliable Smart Secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities

The ALMANAC project (Secure and Intelligent Internet of Things for Smart Cities) developed a Smart City Platform (SCP) with the aim to integrate Internet of Things (IoT), capillary networks and metro access networks to offer smart services to the citizens, and thus enable Smart City processes. The platform is built upon a dynamic federation of private and public networks, while supporting end- to-end security and privacy. The objective of that pilot experience was to collect information on the flows that the city had and thanks to that, to develop new management and prevention strategies. This was done with the help of the management companies, organizations, politicians and citizens who use the applications and the platform developed during the project. ALMANAC offers a waste management application that allowed to adapt city’s whole waste planning to the citizen’s needs. The water management application compatible with direct communication between public utilities and citizens was also included on the solution. It allows users to control water consumption in their own homes and to detect water leaks. Users as well receive alerts if water has been contaminated in any point of water network along the city. Finally, it has developed a citizen’s application which helps and guides citizens in the recycling of their waste. It contains a calendar with dates of waste collection, a notification system and an interactive map that shows containers near the user and their current fill level.