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Urban Development Plan- STEP 2025

The adoption of STEP 2025 on 25 June 2014 by the Vienna City Council marks the final point of a development process that, spanning over two years, has led to the formulation of a common understanding of central challenges and of corresponding strategies and initiatives. In three chapters, the Urban Development Plan 2025 sketches a picture of the city and the future generations who will live and work in Vienna: (1) "Vienna, building the future" is the vision of a new urbanism in the city of the future; (2) "Vienna, reaching beyond its borders" is the vision of the future position of Vienna as a city of business and research, in the metropolitan region and in the European competition between locations; and (3) "Vienna, networking the city" is the vision of the future of mobility, green and social networks as the backbone of the city until 2025 and beyond.