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National Procurement Service

The National Procurement Service (NPS) was set up to enable the Welsh public sector to collaborate more closely in procuring goods and services. Over 70 public sector organisations in Wales are signed up as NPS members including all local authorities, the NHS, National Assembly for Wales, Welsh Government and their Sponsored Bodies, the Police and Fire services and Higher and Further Education. It is responsible for ensuring common and repetitive commodities are only procured once for Wales, avoiding duplication and associated waste of material resources and costs. The NPS is in the process of establishing a collaborative agreement for the Provision of Furniture. They considered different ways to help more closed loops solution in the procurement of furniture like procuring remanufactured or reused furniture, renting or leasing etc. Due to a still immature market and the differing levels of availability of remanufactured and reused furniture, the NPS had to cut back their initial ambition of closing the loops and instead make it possible for the contracting authorities to take steps in a more circular direction.