Knowledge hub

Celsius Smart Cities: district heating and cooling solutions

A platform of knowledge and networking, CELSIUS takes a holistic approach to overcome technical, social, financial and political barriers for district heating and cooling solutions. The project receives funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. CELSIUS City has established an intelligent heating system covering virtually all the households and commercial buildings in the appropriate high density areas of the city and an energy efficient district cooling system for its commercial customers. These systems make use of a range of excess heat sources all created within the city during the course of an average operational day, for example from various industrial and data centre activities, heat extracted from sewage and bio-based heating. The community, including citizens, politicians, industry and utility as well as other stakeholders, see the CELSIUS City vision take form and recognise and promote the advantages of working together towards a common goal: Improved air quality, reduction of energy use, maximization in the use of various kinds of waste, excess, energies and resources.