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Transforming surplus food into restaurant dishes

InStock is a restaurant that serves dishes produced from food waste. The restaurant creates a menu that is made from 80 to 100% food waste. These products are mainly from Albert Heijn in Amsterdam. Restaurant staff pick up the food on an electric bus - food waste such as fruit, vegetables, potatoes and bread that can not be sold but are still edible. Meat that is surplus or has a short shelf life and cannot be sent to a retail store is sourced from Hilton Meats BV; a meat supplier Albert Heijn. Fish that has its more premium parts cut out comes from another fish company. Beer and other beverages that have too short of a shelf life to send to customers or remnants of events and festivals are sourced from Heineken and other beverage companies. Leftover chocolate product samples and leftovers from holidays are sourced from Tony Chocolonely. In addition, products with damaged packaging, etc. are picked up from the Albert Heijn distribution centre. 

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