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Lemon Aide: Circular economy as a means to tackle social inclusion in high unemployment areas

The problem

Recycling rates are too low in big cities. Waste volumes are high. And unemployment is high.

The solution

Lemonaide hires unemployed staff for a duration of 6 months to provide them with theory and practical training relating to the logistics of recycling so they can find a sustainable job afterwards. Their placement with us allows us to recycle hundreds of tons of trash per year in big French cities.

What does this solution need at the moment?

  • Businesses in France who want their trash to be collected by us for recycling. 
  • Green trucks for trash collection.

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  • Hundreds of tons of waste recycled (paper, bottles, cans, cardboard, IT...) each year. 
  • Dozens of employees trained and 77% with a dynamic professional outcome after their placement
  • 396 Tonnes of PET recycled per year