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Circular Economy Strategies

Explore the Knowledge Hub through Circle Economy's 7 Key Elements Framework and learn about the different circular business strategies and sub-strategies it provides.

Collaborate to create joint value

Work together throughout the supply chain, internally within organisations and with the public sector and communities to increase transparency and create joint value.

Design for the future

Account for the systems perspective during the design process, to use the right materials, to design for appropriate lifetime and to design for extended future use

Incorporate digital technology

Use digital, online platforms and technologies that provide insights to track and optimise resource use, strengthen connections between supply chain actors, and enable the implementation of circular models.

Preserve and extend what's already made

While resources are in-use, maintain, repair and upgrade them to maximise their lifetime and give them a second life through take back strategies when applicable

Prioritise regenerative resources

Ensure renewable, reusable, non-toxic resources are utilised as materials and energy in an efficient way

Rethink the business model

Consider opportunities to create greater value and align incentives that build on the interaction between products and services

Use waste as a resource

Utilise waste streams as a source of secondary resources and recover waste for reuse and recycling