Travelling abroad

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We can make sure our travel patterns don’t come at the expense of our beautiful planet: Travel by walking (or running) with a suitcase on good wheels and by train and ferry. The following is a tried and tested way of doing this efficiently and in comfort whilst improving our health and fitness. We live in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England and can leave at 5pm and get to you at Mauritskade 64, Amsterdam comfortably by 11.20 am the next morning. We will have had several good exercise sessions, hours to study and relax on the trains and have had a great night sleep on the boat. We just walk to Stoke-on-Trent station, do a bit of walking and stairs on London Underground and relax on the train to Harwich. After an enjoyable and restful cruise to Hoek van Holland we board a train after the rush hour, so can prepare our meeting on the laptop on the way to Centraal Station. From there its 2.7 km walk past Artis, to get to you, fresh for our meeting. You might offer us a re-fuelling lunch midday, where we'll tell you about all the great countryside we have seen on the way. In so many ways much better than flying by aeroplane. For further details and variations for this nice and efficient way of travelling, it does need the setting up and support of an "active travel community". Sites like googlemaps just do not give people the best options of public transport travel.  Newly developed Active Travel sites for the circular economy will give people tips on suitcases, dress management, refreshing strategies and good public transport connections to skill people up to it. They can then be more productive, less stressed, fitter and enjoy the environment more, at a much lower expense to our globe. 

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