#RebelPlastics: Adapted Branding and extended PR Collabs

Describe your concept:


Make customers more aware of bioplastics as an alternative by giving it a sexy, targeted, rebellious edge over competitors. Most competitors use the same boring, green visuals and language. Damn good plastic is good. #Rebelplastic is better. This way customers can see in one word that there is something different, rebellious and revolutionary about this type of plastic. EVERY other supplier will point out how great their plastic is. Also, adapt the branding and PR to rock and pop music will open up an entirely different field for branding. The black bottle is also perfect for this because it is unusual and in the rebel colour black. Maybe this can coexist with the other version of marketing since change has to happen in waves anyways. Also gradually enhance new material cooperations like with Biohackers (the rebels of modern times).

Describe the vision and values behind your concept:

Change has always happened via people who thought differently from the norm. in eco marketing what we have now is a consensus on the same type of imagery. At the same time we have a gap between eco products and conventional plastics. Why not use the biggest asset of conventional marketing and that is enhanced branding and use it to attract the customers that usually wont bat an eyelid when coming across bioproducts. The product needs to be infused with intense, rebellious creativity to provide a competitive edge. VIP testimonials, music and crazy science have always been a useful method for this. Testimonials can be gotten for free (if you know how), cooperations in this field have existed before and can be built upon. F.e. Sheryl Crow used all biodegreadeable cups for her whole 2011 tour. /and there are a growing number of VIPs who speak out about the environment. We could provide the staff at a music tour with biobottles. This is also a great starting point for the mentioned B2B tableware for festivals, and a rebellious image is also an USP for B2B giveaways or corporate gifts. We could co-sponsor biohacking projects (glow in the dark plastic ring?), and let wearable designers use our materials for videos or projects for PR purposes.

Customer Segments:

The goal is to produce for the mass market, the product is a rebel against the current bottles (e.g. from Dopper), it challenges the status quo. Therefore, a challenging black design is chosen with functionalities which should appeal to people (such as the possibility to unscrew parts of the bottle). People should choose this bottle over the conventional one because it is appealing to them. It is like Tesla and the electric car: Make it sexy. The rebellious design makes it sexy and should appeal to the mass public to buy it (and make this bottle the first choice). 

Value propositions:

The product has an important value, such as the multifunctionality mentioned before. The bottle is easy to carry along with you, because it could be unscrewed and carried in parts. The product could save up to 40% of space and is has an innovative character because of the eco-plastic. Even more value could be added if other products could be found which could be created with the bio-plastic. The design is very important, the black bottle creates a rebellious character and challenges the status quo. But the design is also very fashionable and casual, it will subtle challenge the status quo, but could be used anywhere. Think for example about work meetings or at the university. The design makes it both universal to use and challenging, which makes the product unique. Another example could be the gym, the ‘Dopper’ design is very cute with the colours, but gym members want something tough and rough: A cool black design. Gym members generally are so enthusiastic when they begin that the price is not really a problem either, they want to have everything perfect in addition to the protein shakes, pills etc to get the perfect body. The customer has a direct need to find the most innovative and ‘hot’ product. The bottle is exactly this new ‘hot’ and rebellious product and is satisfying the need of the people. A festival could also be a good idea and then customers only buy the bottom part and they could buy the upper part later online or at a store. People don’t buy a simple cup at the festival, but they could extend the cup with the upper part to go to the gym, to university, to work etc. The cup is also a lot cheaper then: Only half of the price (because it is only half of the product). When people go to a festival, they could use the bottom-part and when they go to another location, they simply add the upper-part. 


Customers are reached through the internet, events, festivals, gyms, retailers and (hopefully) mouth-to-mouth propaganda. The bottle currently has its own Facebook page and website (internet), but a lot more possibilities are possible (see above). Specific places to sell the bottle could be biological stores (e.g. Ekoplaza, Holland & Barett), gyms, (farmer)markets and festivals. It is hoped that the popularity of the product will result in a self-strengthening process: If people see a lot of gym members with the bottle, they will want it too. 

Customer relationships:

We want to give the customer the feeling that he or she is doing the right thing with buying the product. The customer is also doing the right thing with returning the bottle. So, the customer relationship should be very warm. Subsequently, the contact with the customer should be very personal (which is already mostly there in biological stores selling the product such as Ekoplaza or Holland & Barett). 

Revenue Streams: 

bE-o BOTTLE: 14,95 euro
Perhaps a bit more because of deposit money. But the deposit money could be returned. People are attracted to pay a bit more money because of the challenging design.

Team members: 

Wilco van Varik, Simone Hahn, Nathalia Gaiarim, Alexandra 

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