ARPE Barcelona x Inèdit: Extending the life of out-of-use gym towels

ARPE, a microfiber cloths and towels manufacturing firm based in Barcelona, went through a twelve-month strategic process to adopt circular economy processes across the entire organisation, from design to distribution.

With the help of Inèdit innovació (, an eco-innovation consultancy, they started a pilot project that involves recovering out-of-use gym towels and using them to produce new microfiber cleaning cloths for industrial cleaning, with a take-back system meant to recover textile residual products sold at gymnasiums.

The execution of the project cost 28,875€, 75% of which was requested as subsidy from the Waste Agency of Catalonia. 

What is ARPE currently looking for?  

ARPE currently needs to get in touch with mechanical workshops or car wash companies to supply them with industrial buckets.

  • Up to 168 tons CO ¬ 2eq in estimated savings.