The Bed Linen with the smallest eco footprint on Earth

Alma Green have created a bed linen that is made of 50% recycled cotton and 50% organic cotton. They recycle natural fibres of old textiles into new yarn and integrate it into their products. Beyond that, they promote zero waste in both their production and distribution: their packaging is made of the same fabric as their bed linen, and they use the RePack system to deliver our goods.     

What is ALMA GREEN Design currently looking for?

Alma Green Design has launched their brand with a Kickstarter campaign and reached their goal within less than a week, but still need more exposure – for example, in magazines or blogs – to explain how it's possible to produce locally and ethically as well as to provide solutions for recycling. 

  • 90% reduction in water use
  • 50% reduction in the need for new raw materials