Transforming 100% organic off-cut fabrics and end-of-roll threads & trims into unisex, contemporary kidswear

The Problem:

Textiles cutting waste is a byproduct of major apparel manufacturing. There is enough waste created every year by standard cutting practices to give everyone on earth 6x adult sized t-shirts!

The Solution:

Nudnik designs with waste in mind. For their kids' DISRUPTOR tee collection, they engineered the pattern to make the best use of cutting waste. The style format remains the same, but the colour combinations change so that each size has a unique colourway. Their process uses minimal resources as they keep the cutting waste true to its original form. They also only use 100% cotton which means their tees are 100% compostable. 

The Impact:

"We were able to create a coveted product made entirely from waste at reasonable scale- the first of many Nudnik products! Their tribe of loyal followers are relying on Nudnik for education about how to live a more circular lifestyle as well as dressing their children in the change they want to see in the world. Our greatest success is when customers buy our product for the look rather than the sustainable aspect. This means that we are converting people who originally thought sustainable products aren't "cool". Nudnik is part of a new wave of businesses making trash look contemporary!"

What does Nudnik need at the moment?

"Exposure. Once people learn about who we are and what we do they want to buy in -both through our products and our community. We want to work with like-minded folks like Circle Lab to continue to inspire, educate and provide alternative products that do good."