Using green infrastructures to grow your own food

You can clean the indoor office air, humidify the air and grow your own food with aesthetic green walls or green facades. You can use wastewater or greywater for fertigation. You can also install a winter garden with plants for all above mentioned qualities, while incorporating passive heating and cooling systems.

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How can this be improved?
suzain lian
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  • Nursing is just terrible. I'm a great nurse, but it's just demand, demand, demand all the damn time. Your patients and their families feel you don't do enough. Your administration, supervisors, and charge nurses don't think you're doing enough. Your doctor's, PA's, and other disciplines don't think you're doing enough. It's just draining, mind numbing, and obnoxious. I can't stand it anymore as well. I've been considering going back to school, but I genuinely don't know what I want to do yet.

    What can go wrong?
    kelly Leona
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  • Does anyone know if spiders can get stuck in other spiders' webs? I know that they cant get stuck in their own webs because of an oil or something on their legs, but does that work for webs made by a spider of another spieces?

    What can go wrong?
    Jacob liam
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